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Soy Lecithin Replacer is, nowadays, the most in thing in the food and drug manufacturing industry. In general terms, we know that lecithin is one of those organic ingredients that help immensely in maintaining the viscosity and consistency in a food or pharmaceutical product. For example, due to existence of a Soy Lecithin Replacer like Organic Rice Lecithin in a candy bar, the chocolate and cocoa butter stay stick together rather than giving away with time. It works as a natural emulsifier and/or lubricant and is accepted as an allergen-free and non-toxic surfactant. Basically, any lecithin or organic Soy Lecithin Replacer for that matter is a fatlike substance called a phospholipid. In terms of biochemistry all lecithin, including several Soy Lecithin Replacer are usually considered synonymous to phosphatidylcholine. From biological point of view, the liver produces nervous and circulatory lecithin if we maintain adequate diet intake. The concept of Soy Lecithin Replacer arises from the fact that usually lecithin is extracted from soy beans. Another prime external source of lecithin is egg yolk. However, vegetarian consumers prefer to abstain from taking egg-based lecithin and many others don’t feel comfortable with allergen properties of soy. Further, the increasing tendency of commercial producers to grow and supply genetically modified soy beans simply compel us to look for safe and organic Soy Lecithin Replacer. The alternatives have been found in sunflower plants and others but it is rice that has proved to be the best source of organic Soy Lecithin Replacer. For this reason, when it comes to mentioning and usage of Soy Lecithin Replacer most of us associate it with Organic Rice Lecithin.

Soy Lecithin Replacer is a component of a number of nutrients, and it is widely attributed with certain positive effects on one's health. Consumption of Soy Lecithin Replacer in any form, be it Organic Rice Lecithin or others, brings in lots of health advantages. It plays a critical role as a building block of cell membranes and protects cells from oxidation. It largely comprises the protective sheaths surrounding the brain and needed by all cells so that they don’t harden. Soy Lecithin Replacer also helps protect the skin, soften the skin and replenish the acid mantle. Many of the positive effects of organic Soy Lecithin Replacer consumption are based on the fact that it is a major source of choline, which functions in the body’s metabolism as an agent that aids in the digestion of fats. In food items, rice-based organic Soy Lecithin Replacer is considered as a non-GMO binder of oil and water. A standard dose of Soy Lecithin Replacer is enriched with 10-14% of protein, 13-22% fat, 41-54% carbohydrate, 11-15% ash and 7% of moisture.

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